Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Just to ADULT

Our adult Jiu-Jitsu programs are specifically designed with each student’s personal achievement in mind. Your personal goals, such as fitness or self-defense, will be taken into account when you sign up.

In fact, it’s the perfect activity to Adults! This form of martial arts incorporates a lot of ground grappling and is based on automatic human responses. We offer:

  • GB1 Fundamentals Program

  • GB2 Advanced Program

  • GB3 Black Belt Program

Uncover your potential. Claim your free trial to get started

Uncover your potential. Claim your free trial to get started.

GB1 Fundamentals Program

The GB1 Program at Gracie Barra RSM Jiu-Jitsu paves the way for your Jiu-Jitsu journey. Over the first 16 weeks, you’ll explore 96 techniques designed to build a solid Jiu-Jitsu foundation. The GB1 program is the backbone of an effective self-defense strategy. You will learn how to block and apply takedowns and defend yourself on the ground using various classic Jiu-Jitsu techniques such as guard, reversals, and submissions. These fundamentals, ingrained through repetition, eventually become second nature, enabling self-discovery and highlighting Jiu-Jitsu’s life-enhancing attributes. There’s no better place to experience this transformative journey than at Gracie Barra RSM.
GB2 Advanced Program
Once you have mastered the Fundamentals, the next step in your Jiu-Jitsu journey awaits. Transitioning from the Fundamentals to the Advanced Program, you will delve into a world of intricate techniques and drills that shape and refine your personal style. Through dedicated practice, you will develop enhanced reflexes, agility, and the ability to seamlessly flow between techniques. The GB Advanced Program not only sharpens your skills, but also deepens your connection with the Gracie Barra philosophy and community. It is a pathway to further growth and an opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of Jiu-Jitsu.
GB3 Black Belt Program
Does the journey of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have an endpoint? Can it be mastered? Our Gracie Barra Black Belt Program signifies both an achievement and a new beginning. This stage expands your understanding of Jiu-Jitsu techniques and their nuances. The program focuses on your growth from blue to black belt, facilitated through a challenging yet safe environment complete with dynamic curriculum and live training sessions. As a black belt student, you’ll come to understand the boundless nature of Jiu-Jitsu – a path of endless exploration and daily triumphs. With this recognition comes the responsibility of being a role model, sharing Gracie Barra techniques and philosophy with newcomers, contributing to the safe, friendly, and progress-oriented environment at Gracie Barra RSM.

Uncover your potential. Claim your free trial to get started.

Uncover your potential. Claim your free trial to get started.


Getting started at Gracie Barra is easy, our staff will help you every step of the way to make sure you have the best experience of Jiu-Jitsu possible at Gracie Barra Rancho Santa Margarita